About Us

Vermont Marketplace is a locally-owned store of Vermont-made products. About 95% of the products in our store are made in Vermont, while the other 5% are about Vermont, but not made in our state. 

In our cozy store, you will find Vermont products:

  • maple syrup and maple products - all types and sizes—candy, popcorn, pops, smoked
  • Jewelry, pewter oil lamps, wood bowls, frames
  • From the cooler - Vermont cheeses, beer, wine, sodas, beef and pepperoni sticks, hard cider, ice cream, teas, kombucha
  • Snacks, jams, pickles, pasta, salsas, mixes
  • Health and beauty - emu oil, arnica, soaps, bag balm, creams, scrubs, lip balm, CBD, chaga
  • And so much more!